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CBC Belmont
November 23 09:46AM
Thanks for an awesome day, yesterday: @FoolproofBrew @PeakBrewingBOS @Valley_Malt @Brewmaster_Jack @JacksAbbyBen @MysticBrewery!
CBC Belmont
November 23 09:37AM
Love Sunday's? Now OPEN 10-10 and we might just love them more! #BeerGeeks Adam, Mark, Pham, Suzanne, Kate, Diana & Will at ur service.
CBC Belmont
November 23 07:58AM
RT @SuzanneSchalow: Third time is a charm? OPEN 10 to 10 today (our third Sunday) and we're planning on rockin' it, in-style. Who's coming …
CBC Belmont
November 22 10:06PM
Rockin' hard core today, the SA before Thanksgiving. Any guesses on our top selling beer? #beergeeks http://t.co/jfu9VlXuyh
CBC Belmont
November 22 01:10PM
Let the @Valley_Malt Event BEGIN! Pouring #localbeer all day long. Hope to see you soon!
CBC Belmont
November 21 01:41PM

We'd have been equally proud of our (& @idlehandsbeer's) @BeerGeekBrett even w/o the shirt. CONGRATULATIONS! http://t.co/tPrVRhiBK0
CBC Belmont
November 21 01:24PM

Couple of new arrivals today/this week, including one for our #CiderGeeks! http://t.co/tOVYSS6DDr
CBC Belmont
November 21 10:53AM
Brewers 1-7, VM peeps 4:15-5:30 ish! RT@Valley_Malt: We will be @cbc_belmont Saturday doing a malting demonstration, come on down!

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51 Leonard St
Belmont, MA  02478
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